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    Country Kitchen Rose & Marshmallow Face Cream


    Soothe and hydrate your skin with this Marshmallow and Rose Face Cream.

    The softness of the marshmallow root infused argan oil, the sweetness of wild harvested rose hip fruit infused jojoba oil and the heart warming vibration of rose quartz and wild rose flower essences for self love and bestowing beauty. All blended into a rich and consoling face cream. We use our hand crafted rose geranium hydrosol that we distill in our alembic copper still to create the water phase of this cream. There isn’t a single foundation ingredient that is not made with love and from scratch from the gardens and in the studio. This is marshmallow and rose cream is a wonderful ritual to add to your daily routine. The blend of rich and nourishing botanicals is especially formulated to hydrate your skin and nourish due to the emollient properties of the herbs used. Its scent is gentle and comforting.

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    Directions of use

    Best used after cleansing. Place a little on the tip of your fingers after cleansing, rub together to warm the cream then apply it over your face + neck. You can also place a little in the palm of your hand and add a little foundation and our sea pearl highlighter cream for a soft cover and instant light.


    100% organic ingredients : Wild Rosehip infused Jojoba oil, Marshmallow Root infused Argan oil, Rose Petal and Rose Quartz essences, Wheat Germ oil, Rose Geranium hydrosol, Beeswax ( organic ), Vitamin E, Blend of essential oilsRose & Marshmallow face cream 30ml

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    30ml, 60ml

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