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    Adashiko Kabuki Cleansing Brush


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    Boost your collagen cleanse

    Elevate your adashiko collagen cleanse experience with our plant-based kabuki cleansing brush. Silky-soft bristles create a luxurious lather and distribute product evenly over the face while enhancing cleansing power and shifting makeup and debris.

    Specially designed to be used with adashiko collagen cleanse.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    Plant-based, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

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    Rinse the brush after each use and gently squeeze out any excess water. Leave to dry lying on its side on a towel, or with the bristles over the edge of the bench. Store your cleansing kit essentials away in style with our soft + natural linen bag. Perfect for travel and for home use. Available in adashiko cool grey.

    Increases cleansing lather and power. Makes the cleansing experience fast and easy. Assist in shifting makeup and oil from the skin’s surface. Stimulates blood flow to the skin with gentle massage action. Uses less product, making your adashiko collagen cleanse go even further.

    All natural
    With a bamboo handle and biodegradable bristles, the adashiko kabuki cleansing brush is eco-friendly and 100% natural. Our super-soft bristles are comprised of corn starch and pla, a green polymer derived from plant sources.

    How to use
    To use, wet your adashiko kabuki brush, brush it over your adashiko collagen cleanse bar to lather, and apply to damp skin. Massage the brush in circular motions around the face and neck and rinse with water.




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